sensitivity reading


Do you have a book, film or script that explores themes of consent and sexual violence?

Are you looking for a sounding board or support to help your project feel accurate, authentic and respectful?

Consider contacting me about sensitivity reading or creative consultation <>.

Why me?

I have worked in the creative world for over a decade as a publicist, writer, performer and producer, so I’m well equipped to understand the realities of your project for a start. My experience of consent as a dramaturgical and storytelling tool extends as far back as my own love of reading, into my completing a Masters degree in 2018 with a thesis on consent and sexual violence in the creative workplace, and over the last four years I’ve worked as a consultant on content relating to consent and sexual violence prevention.

Also, I love doing it, so you’re guaranteed someone who is passionate, open and clear in my feedback.

Who is this for?

I’ve worked with writers of books, films and plays as well as directors and producers. I’d love to work more with authors and scriptwriters as I believe their mediums of books and shows are a powerful tool that is more and more interested in engaging in discussions around consent.

What’s the difference between sensitivity reading and creative consultation?

With sensitivity reading, you or your publisher provide me with your book, preferably in entirety so I can grasp the most context, which I will dutifully read and then provide detailed feedback. This feedback will incorporate points of encouragement, points of critique and points of challenge and offer as much contextual information and references as possible to help you decide how to move forward with your writing.

When I am brought on for a theatre or film project as a creative consultant, I work with you more intimately on your project as a whole. This may involve providing feedback across the work, offering more complex solutions and potentially even implementing those solutions using my own skills as a writer, editor and creative artist.

How much does this cost?

Rates available on request.

I am willing to negotiate based on your budget, and adjust for independent/not-for-profit projects.

I look forward to hearing about what you’re working on!