Consent, Intimacy & Safety


The creative industries are at last beginning to understand the value – and creative power – of consent as a tool for safety, wellbeing, resilience and communication. 

I currently offer a number of services to creative project teams navigating concerns around safeguarding, including:

  • Policy & Protocol Development
  • Provision of Trigger Warnings & Sensitive Content Specifications
  • Delivery of bespoke workshops, including:
    • Our Team – team-building to collaborate on conduct and consent processes
    • Our Craft – incorporate consent in the creation of character and narrative
    • Our Audience – explore how to interact with immersed audiences
    • Our Rights – deliver training on your organisation’s policies and practices
  • Rehearsal support for intimate & sexually violent content
  • Mediation and disciplinary support
  • Crisis Management planning & action
  • Evaluation & Reporting
  • Licensed Chaperone 

This work has had a particular impact for immersive theatre, interactive performance, and devised projects, but can be adapted to suit different project needs, team sizes, across all creative forms.  

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