14 October 2021

Beyond thrilled to be a panelist talking consent and intimacy work at MEAA‘s Screen Diversity Showcase event on Health & Wellbeing in the Arts for Equity Foundation. Myself and industry leaders from Saroni Roy Foundation, Pip Edwards Creative, The Show Must Go On, and Chris Cheers Psychology! You don’t need to be a member to join the event THIS THURSDAY 14th October at 6.30PM AEDT.

28 June 2021

I’ve been *SO EXCITED* to announce this news and have been waiting for Equity Foundation and Intimacy Coordinators and Directors (IDC) to make their announcement, but I have been accepted into a training scholarship program to become a qualified Intimacy Coordinator!

I was thrilled to train with Ita O’Brien in London for Stage 1 of Intimacy on Set, and it’s literally a dream come true to be able to continue moving in the direction of crafting these skills to be able to offer to clients in future. At present, I only work with intimacy content as a support for director and movement directors, but I know how valuable it will be to confidently coordinate and direct this kind of material.

My humblest gratitude to Equity Foundation, Intimacy Directors and Coordinators, and to the treasured colleagues and connections who encouraged (and kicked my ass) to apply – you know who you are. Thank you so much!

Read more about MEAA’s Intimacy guidelines here.

27 June 2021

I’m honoured to be part of Dr Who: Time Fracture’s video celebrating International Pride Month featuring some of the incredible team members I was fortunate enough to work with in the UK from Australia.

I worked with this team to deliver a special workshop to the 40+ performers and stage management team on consent tools, address challenge tools, shared the Gender Unicorn tool on gender & sexual diversity and discussed their safeguarding policy, which I developed with the production team. A similar workshop was delivered to the operations team. I developed policy, Child Protection protocol and written resources for team changes. We then ran smaller group review sessions for feedback to creative leadership.

Dr Who: Time Fracture has proven to be an incredibly inclusive production, honouring the BBC show’s legacy of diversity and acceptance both on screen and behind the scenes. It has been a privilege to be part of.

In less joyful news, in light of Sydney’s lockdown in response to the coronavirus outbreak there, Apocalypse Theatre and Red Line Productions’ co-production of Sarah Kane’s ‘Cleansed’ has been postponed – see the full announcement here. This was an incredibly difficult decision for the producers to make, but one the entire team is engaged with for the benefit of the rehearsal process, the performance season, and the audience experience.

You can follow Apocalypse on facebook and instagram, and Red Line Productions on facebook, twitter and instagram.

22 June 2021

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I’m working on my first Australian show as a Consent & Intimacy Consultant, and what a show and companies to be working with! When I lived in Sydney, Red Line Productions’ shows at the Old Fitz Theatre were always experiences I looked forward to reviewing, and I’ve been hoping to work with the revolutionary Apocalypse Theatre for several years, so it’s two dreams come true!

The show? Sarah Kane’s ‘Cleansed’.

I first saw Sarah Kane’s work in London, and the experience was so intense, so provocative, even traumatic that I broke out of the theatre as soon as curtain call finished and ran from the theatre, such was my response. This is an incredibly powerful creator, and in the hands of these two companies, in the talents of the richly diverse cast, this promises to be an incredibly powerful show too.

With this team I’ll be delivering 3 of my workshops, running weekly check-ins, creating policy documents and show protocols to support stage management and supporting intimacy content. I’m so grateful to director Dino Dimitriadis, and have the utmost respect for the generous and brilliant team I’ve been able to work with virtually until COVID restrictions permit us to share a room.

Find out more here.