intimacy coordinator/director


The role of an Intimacy Coordinator/Director is to support content of a theatrical or screen project that might propose risks related to sexual violence or psychological injury, including the following:

  • Simulated sexual activity
  • Simulated sexual violence, assault or harassment (including sexism)
  • Nudity (simulated or actual) and/or the practice of undressing
  • Other intimate acts (kissing, embracing, lifting)
  • Intimacies specific to LGBTIQA+ interactions, power dynamics and settings

My work in intimacy and consent is also relevant to content involving physical contact between adults and children, actors with a large age gap between them, actors of varying physical ability, even between actors playing living and dead, unconscious or immobilised characters.

My approach is characterised by the following:

  • Consent-forward and trauma-informed
  • Sex-positive and queer inclusive
  • Pragmatic using forthcoming language
  • Non-violent communication
  • Providing support for independent decision-making, not policing
  • Activity-based, focused on enjoyment and professionalism

In terms of process, you can expect:

  • the best time to engage an intimacy coordinator is ASAP! The earlier we’re a part of the project, the more impact we can have and flexibility to fit in with your project schedule.
  • consultation with the creative team is a crucial part of the process so we can engage with all elements of the scene content (director vision/costume/makeup/lighting etc) to provide support and solutions
  • time to check in with the performers to discuss their needs and support them to identify and navigate the bridging of their boundaries/experience as an actor and the boundaries/experience of the character

There are many resources out there about Intimacy Professionals to help you find the right fit for your project, but here’s a few more reasons why you should save time and choose me:

  • I have trained with Intimacy On Set in the UK with Ita O’Brien, and with IDC Professionals in the US (via Zoom) with Alicia Rodis
  • I am trained in Mental Health First Aid and Medical First Aid
  • I have over three years’ experience in theatre rehearsal rooms and have also worked on television sets
  • I started out as a publicist and production assistant so I understand how to advocate for the creatives while balancing the needs of the producers
  • I’m a consent educator, so I have a strong sense of how to practice safely and manage concerns proactively
  • Being queer and an artist in my own right gives me a fresh take on intimacy craft that I am immensely passionate about sharing

If you are interested in discussing your project, please contact me.

Rates are industry-standard.